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Color My World Pan Pastel

 Color My World Using Pan Pastels Edna Kunkel

This workshop explores the application of powder-based Pan Pastels on black-and-white photographs to enable creative use of color without any drawing or painting experience. If you can apply eye shadow or have ever used a coloring book, this workshop will bring back a more colorful you. Or, if you're a traditional pastel artist and want to try this medium to shake out the cobwebs, you'll enjoy this very different approach.    Sat. May 26, 9 - noon,   $85/$15 materials Individually or $15. discount if registering for both.

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Oil Pastel

Oil Pastel Lily

Flower Bouquet in Oil Pastel

Introduction to Oil Pastels Edna Kunkel

In this short session, you'll learn the basics of oil pastel, including just how different they from the childhood crayons to which they're often compared. This mini workshop will demonstrate different methods of and tools for blending, options for achieving fine lines with oil pastels or adding enhancements with colored pencils, and a variety of surfaces that are compatible with using this unique medium.   Sat. May 26, 1 - 4  $85/$15 materials Individually or $15. discount if registering for both.


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Paint Pouring_Edna Kunkel




Make a Splash - Paint Pouring

Paint Pouring - Instructor work

Making a Splash - Acrylic Paint Pouring   Edna Kunkel

Learn how to create abstract paintings with fluid acrylic paints. We'll use heavy or soft body acrylic paints, a paint additive, and commercial pouring mediums to create organic, unpredictable, and colorful compositions.  Intergenerational fun - appropriate for young adults 10 yrs and older accompanied by an adult.  No art experience required.  Sun. June 3rd, 1 - 4 $85/$15 materials













Think Like a Master - Degas

Think Like a Master - Matisse

Paint Like a Master - Modigliano

Think Like a Master  Edna Kunkel

In this class, you'll evaluate your choice of a master work and use your style to create a similar piece or portion of the piece in oil pastel, soft pastel, pastel pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, and PanPastels. We'll look at how to use digital and traditional methods to evaluate the master work and render it in loose, fun method that requires no previous art experience or takes your existing experience in a different direction.  Sat. June 9,  9-noon  $85/$15 materials

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Edna `Kunkel







Edna M. Kunkel    I am most content capturing elements of flora and fauna, and thrive on the principles of complimentary colors and color harmony and use them to interpret the world in pastel, digital photography, or any variety of media. While my left brain continues to offer logical solutions to the management of my artistic projects, my right brain derails those plans by conjuring infinite permutations to interpret. This vacillation suits my photographic eye, my dexterous hands, and my thirst for unique. I picked up art and photography training in academic settings at Carnegie-Mellon University, Nashville State Technical Institute, and Illinois Institute of the Arts and through workshops and self-exploration.

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