Ferns at their finest.

Whispering Woodlands 

a Retreat to Nature for the Creative Mind

artist workshops/classes in visual arts, writing, music and more 

Sit together, share thoughts and ideas, be inspired by nature.

a Retreat to Nature for the Creative Mind

Plein Air Setting for Individual Work time

Letterpress facility

Surrond yourself with Nature

Work by the warmth of the pellet stove.

Individualized or in tandem, use of Whispering Woodlands Studio/Space/Equipment - 

In addition to the many scheduled workshops and group activities, indivdiuals are welcomed to use the facility for independent studio time, allowing for a larger space to work in, a creative natural setting or time away from everyday demands. Great opportunity to meet with a friend or colleague to work out the details of a project. Several individuals have commented that they just want to come and sit on the decks to write/draw/knit/etc. Rates for individuals also include access to a community refrigerator, toaster oven, microwave, and coffee pot.

2 hours here, 4 hours there, mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends - Call or email to schedule and confirm. Schedule yourself between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm. (Sorry, not 24/7!) You are welcome to call/email on the spur of the moment and as long as it works for both of us, great!

This may allow for when you find yourself with time on your hands to take a drive to the country, get inspired, recharged or just plain get away from the phone and computer. For some it may be a little piece of sanity in an otherwise hectic over scheduled day, week or month.

Restrictions may apply due to previously scheduled program dates/times, be dependent upon space availability, what you are looking to do or use and/or your personal experience level with studio/shop equipment (IE: Bunch flatbed press, Vandercook letterpress or Valley paper beater) Wavers will be necessary for use of specialized equipment.

Scheduled individualized instructional time is available to those interested in learning the use of specialized equipment.


Whispering Woodlands Individual Work Time Rates

Hourly working fee, no instruction and no specialized equipment being used. @ $10/hour

Hourly working fee, no instruction but using specialized equipment. @ $15 - $20 / hour - depending on equipment/experience.

Private or semi-private instruction, $15 - $25 dependent on medium/equipment/experience.

This is on a per person basis. You may find others are also utilizing other space/equipment concurrently.

Please be sure to call or email to make arrangements, thank you.


Upper deck or lower studio areas with tables/chairs.

Small group break outs

Potluck or local carryouts available

Outdoor Deck for Working or Dining

Discussions in an inviting tree top atmosphere

Break Outs in a warm and nurturing setting

Whispering Woodlands Group Facility Availability 

Occasionally individuals or groups will refer Whispering Woodlands to others as an ideal setting for specialized programs/workshops/trainings/staff retreats/etc. Whispering Woodlands is a more creative, relaxed and inspiring atmosphere than the typical board room or motel setting. Offering opportunities to enjoy and interact with nature at various levels. We appreciate these types of recommendations, allowing us to build a business that is as unique as the needs and interests of many in our greater Madison community.

Whispering Woodlands is able to accomodate a variety of needs for small group interaction and is interested to discuss the details. Call to make arrangements to preview the space and design the use and flow for your group/activities/meeting. Beverages, snacks and lunches can be pot luck or ordered locally.  Group rates include access to a community refrigerator, toaster oven, microwave, and coffee pot. Dependent upon activity, weather and season, groups sizes can vary.

Base rate for a day is $150 up to 12 people. Additional people are @ $10.

Comfortable chairs or relax on the floor, just like home.

Product Demonstrations

Enjoy time with friends, family, co-workers...


Late afternoon/evening social hour

Customized creativity enhancement

We've got rhythm! Intergenerational activity

Drum Circle in the Gazebo great stress reliever.