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 July 2020

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  At this time we are 'temporarily closed'.

Covid-19 Update  (5/17/2020)

At this time everything is still on hold here, even small group workshops.  The uncertainty of opening ourselves (participants, instructors alike) up to gathering in a relatively small space, having shared facilities, tools, and supplies does not meet the needs of social distancing even wearing masks and gloves. Trying to keep ahead of the potential exposure is too risky, as people would be coming from so many local and regional situations/locations.

 Additional program options will be added as this pandemic, Covid 19 allows. Decisions will be made on an ever evolving basis.

It is hoped that you and yours are well and able to steer clear of infection with best practices that are known at this time. 




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 Happy 4th of July  !

We will not be trying to outdue the Fireworks with the 4th being on Saturday. 

Madison Fireworks cancelled . . .

The weekend after the 4th, (July 11, 12 this year)

is Art Fair Off the Square & Art Fair On the Square, again, we won't compete for your time... enjoy the holiday!


Madison Art Fairs Cancelled . . . 





Leather Wrap, with embellishments & variations on closures

Leather Wrap

Fabric, Leather, or Paper Wrap Book Designs  Jackie Hefty
What's your fancy? Each has it's own advantages and design considerations. Simple or a little more complex sewing options, embellished or plain, rough/rustic or delicate/decorative, the choices will be yours.  Thurs. July 9,  1 - 4:30  $65/$10 materials 

Sewn Paper Wrap Binding
Various Decorative Paper Techniques for Covers
















Jennifer Evans Stencil Abstracts

Jennifer Evans Stencil Abstracts

Mixed Media Stencil Abstracts  Jennifer Evans 

Join Jennifer and learn about her mixed media abstract techniques using a plethora of supplies along with some of her personally designed stencils for StencilGirl Products. Explore 4 techniques using stencils for mixed media. She will discuss ways of choosing a cohesive color palette, and play with layers of color and texture. Then, dive into composition and how to construct an abstract using the stencil techniques we've learned. (Jennifer recommends participants bring either canvas or wood panel that's 11"x14" or 12"x16" --  a comfortable size to do this project).    Friday July 17th 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.  $130/$10 materials 

Jennifer Evans Stencil Abstracts

MM Stencil Abstracts Student Supply List









Alstroemeria Sketch

Floral process, Jennifer Evans

Mixed Media Florals Jennifer Evans
Participants will use the first part of this workshop to do a botanical study on heavyweight paper to explore line quality, mark-making and composition of the stem, leaves and petals of a flower. Then, we'll compose a floral bouquet on canvas using mixed media painting techniques. Learn how to achieve depth of color to paint a vibrant bouquet. (To see Jennifer use a variety of mixed media techniques in a floral, please visit https://youtu.be/4DG5BiHr0-Y)     Saturday July 18, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.  $130/$10 materials

Alstroemeria Mixed Media Floral Jennifer Evans

Mixed Media Florals Student Supply List




























Found Object Mini Mosaic Dana Renor

Found Object Mini Mosaic Dana Renor

Found-Object Mini Mosaics  Dana Renor     

In this class, we'll be using an assortment of found objects, jewelry, colored glass, beads, and small personal memorabilia to create a simple (non-grouted) mosaic in a greeting-card sized picture frame. We'll discuss the process of creation & invoking the muse, choosing a theme, layout, color, and design. You will better understand the tools/materials, and techniques/tricks for assembling objects that differ in color, weight, height, and texture into one cohesive form. A good non-toxic glue will be provided along with all necessary tools. No Experience Necessary!  Sat July 25    10 a.m. - 4 p.m.  $120/$15 materials 

Mini Mosaic Dana Renor

Mini Mosaic Student Supply List















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