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 August 2018




































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Spontaneous Mark & Alternative Image:  Speaking From the Heart Pamela Paulsrud   

When is the last time you had the opportunity to play with pens, brushes, and funky tools that made you laugh or smile - or - cringe? When did you last let go of the outcome-giving yourself permission to "see what's in there"? There is no getting around it - every mark you make is creative, expressively yours. Since there's safety in numbers we'll embark on this serendipitous journey of creativity together.

In this class, you'll explore the distinctive and bold expressions of spontaneous marks using walnut and sumi inks, combined with the layering of alternative image processes-and while we're at it we will explore and extrapolate your handwriting too. We'll mix in personal ephemera through transfers (your originals won't be harmed) culminating in a sewn book structure.

You will be given guidance in scoring countless variations of rhythmical marks and patterns originating from intuition and response to music, sounds-or silence. This class will help you loosen any rigid body postures and sidestep predictable outcomes. Sink art techniques will also be introduced for creating blurring, dripping and running marks for breathtaking texturing effects on your papers. After some critique sessions, editing and cropping exercises, we'll move beyond the mark into image Xerox transfers. From here you'll begin to work with your own personal ephemera to create an array of words and images, that might reflect, interact with or interpolate your mark making influences-culminating in a book that provides an intuitive storytelling piece-unfolding with layered marks, handwriting, and images into a dimensional accordion book.   Sat. Aug 4 & Sun. Aug. 5   

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Sunday, Aug 12, 1 - 4:00 p.m. Held at Olbrich Gardens





















Collagraphs from Nature  Mel Kolstad

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make prints, but not sure where to start? Collagraphs from Nature are a perfect introduction to this medium! In this class, we will choose items from nature, right on the Whispering Woodlands grounds, and create our individual printing plates. Preparing the background with a monoprint, we will use our plates to make image impressions, creating a beautiful one-of-a-kind, unique print. No experience required. This is a fun and easy technique that will get you hooked on printing!  Bring yourself, a notebook, favorite writing tool, your enthusiasm, and maybe a friend!    Sat. Aug 18th, 1 - 4:30    $75/$10 materials

















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