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 August 2020

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  At this time we are 'temporarily closed'.

Covid-19 Update  (5/17/2020)

At this time everything is still on hold here, even small group workshops.  The uncertainty of opening ourselves (participants, instructors alike) up to gathering in a relatively small space, having shared facilities, tools, and supplies does not meet the needs of social distancing even wearing masks and gloves. Trying to keep ahead of the potential exposure is too risky, as people would be coming from so many local and regional situations/locations.

 Additional program options will be added as this pandemic, Covid 19 allows. Decisions will be made on an ever evolving basis.

It is hoped that you and yours are well and able to steer clear of infection with best practices that are known at this time. 







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Late May - Aug Program PDF Listing as of 3/23

More to come . . .











Flux by Denise Presnell

No Brushes 3

Put Down the Brush  Denise Presnell   

An exploration into intuitive abstraction in acrylics. Students will use at least 3 types of acrylic paint (soft, fluid, spray or inks) on multipurpose paper, along with any drawing tool they'd like to add. But, no brushes - we'll use all sorts of tools and students can improvise their own as well (natural or manmade).  This workshop is designed to be flexible for beginners through advanced participants.  Fri. August 14,  10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.   $160/ $15 materials


No Brushes 2











No Brushes 4

Put Down the Brush Student Supply List

Tools cold wax acrylic workshop


No Brushes 1






















Slapstick by Denise Presnell

Cold Wax

Excavating Cold Wax

Excavating Intuitive Abstraction   Denise Presnell

A mixed media experience which explores an additive and subtractive process using acrylics, oil and cold wax on multipurpose art board. Both traditional and unconventional tools will be used to develop a history of marks, color and texture.  In this 2-day workshop participants will  build up the surfaces on the first day, give them an overnight to set and then dig into the work the 2nd day.  The workshop is designed to be flexible for both beginners and advanced students.    Saturday/Sunday  August 15 & 16   $310/$25 materials

Excavating Intuitive Abstraction Student Supply List













Click below for the most recent Whispering Woodlands PDF program listing.

Late May - Aug Program PDF Listing as of 3/23



 MORE to come!!!









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