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(many can be accomplished by hand, without a press) 



Relief Block Printing





Gelatin Printing

Collagraphs - mixing ink

Collagraph printing - blotting paper













Gelatin Print using ferns/follage

Gelatin Print












Intro to Gelatin Monoprints and Monotypes   

Explore one-of-a-kind, fun, and easy printmaking method using either homemade gelatin plates or the popular Gelli Plates available locally at Lynn's (on Odana Rd).  Employ both additive and subtractive methods of working, stencils and natural elements add extra dimension.    Gelatin 'plates' will be prepared ahead for your use, and a selection of commercial 'Gelli' plates will be available to try, bring your own if you have one.  Personal choice between paper and fabric for your basis to print on, see supply list.  We will be using water-based mediums.  No experience necessary. 

 3 + hour program   $15 materials

Gelatin Monoprint Supply List

Gelatin Monoprinting Sample

Gelatin Printing Sample on Fabric

Gelli & Gelatin Printing   What's Next?  

Intended for the person who has explored some Gelli/Gelatin printing already. Let's take it to the next level: having some control or expectations with your results or outcome. Using techniques that allow you to put your personal take on the process. Examples will include layering techniques, various approaches to masking, silhouette designs, and printing on alternative papers.                                                                                           

If, like most people, you have enjoyed exploring the various techniques to printing from your Gelli/gelatin plate; overlapping colors, creating new ones, discovering textures & designs from household or found objects and having expressed yourself with stencils and stamps.  And, I bet you have stacks of printed papers to show for it. You may have zeroed in on your favorite paints or inks and even resolved a few issues when there is too much paint on the plate or brayer or when the paint dries too quickly.  Good for you!

In addition to this, let's explore a more controlled approach to the fun. We will make specific examples of techniques, to be explored more fully on your own.

3 to 6 hour workshop   Supply fee TBD by time




working the roller

Gelatin Printing student work



















Carving the Block

student at work

Student prints on drying rack

Relief Printmaking

Most people are familiar with rubber stamps and the concept of being able to print multiple copies, often as cards or gift tags.  Are you ready to take this to the next level? Creating your own image and carving a block?  Let me show you how, learn the basic process and you will be on your way to making your personal greeting cards or larger format images. In this class you will have the opportunity to print both with and without a press, so you may easily continue at home. Appropriate for all levels.

Minimum of two 3 hour sessions   $15 materials  







Ghost Negative Print & Positive Gelatin Print




Liberate your Printmaking (AKA Monoprinting) Open Studio 

With or without the assistance of our Bunch Printing Press, you can explore the area of Monoprints. Using plexi-glass plates, roll layers of colorful paints or inks, or perhaps you prefer using a brush and collage items, create your individualized image. It is not necessary to have experience, just a willingness to make your mark and be playful. Open to interpretation, monoprints can be as liberating as childhood finger-painting or as disciplined as a formal portrait painting. Come explore your preferences. This workshop will be designed as an open studio, limited enrollment will allow for plenty of work space and time. Various approaches and techniques will get you started, followed by learning opportunities and a community atmosphere of sharing.  One, two, three or four days, your choice.  Bring your lunch and take a break when you wish.  No experience necessary.

Multiple days discounts Please indicate dates with registration.   $15 materials

Monotype, Relief & Letterpress Printing























 Image coming soon!

Pressure Printing 

Using direct and spontaneous forms of relief printmaking, participants will gain hands-on experience in many phases of creating a one-of-a-kind print. Make unique prints that may be used in a multitude of ways.  The class will focus on designing an image, how to construct a pressure printing plate, applying additive/subtractive methods in the printing process. You will learn how to print from the etching press and also by hand, allowing you to work at home with ease. No experience necessary.  requires two 3 hour meetings  $10 materials





Relief printing block

Block Printing Cards  

An age old process, still popular today. Great opportunity to make cards or gifts. Similar to rubber stamps, create a small soft cut or linoleum printing block and explore some alternatives using common household items, found objects, blocks of wood, recycling and more. Printing blocks may be an abstract design or personal image. You can cut, glue, tape, and/or carve textures and designs. Printing will be done with water-based ink, and you will be able to print multiple copies.  Dependent on time and interest, printing may be by hand or on the etching press or Vandercook press with a short greeting set in type.

 Requires  two 3 hour sessions or one day  $10 materials

Stampmaking & Relief Block samples





Stamp Making    Intergenerational

Develop your personal designs and imagery. Using common household items, found objects, blocks of wood, and more - we will cut, glue, tape, and/or carve textures and designs. Stamps may be used with inks or paint on paper or fabric.  This is appropriate for an adult and child intergenerational experience.  3 hour session  $7 materials 

Stampmaking Supply List





 Image coming soon!

 Simple Screen Printing 
Join us as we approach Screen Printing on a shoe-string budget. Make your own small screen with thrift store materials. Explore water-based printing with a variety of simple screen resists. Learn to print images or visual textures (i.e. representational or not) on paper or fabric.      No screen printing experience necessary.    3 - 4 hours  $10 materials


Simple Screen & Thermofax Printing Supply List






Thermofax Machine

Intro to Thermofax Screens 

Introduction to Thermo-imaging (thermo fax machine) screen making using a high contrast images you provide. Explore water-based printing with this quick image making process. Learn to print images or visual textures (i.e. representational or not) on paper or fabric.   No screen printing experience necessary and may be continued at home.   3 - 4 hour  $20 materials 

Thermofax photo image print

Thermofax Screen Supply List

Thermofax Print with image design

Thermofax Screen Printing

Thermofax Screen

Thermofax Print same image, different inking














Eco Print on Fabric

Eco Print

Eco Printing 
What better place to be inspired to do Eco Printing than surrounded by nature here at Whispering Woodlands. It is a process I can fully relate to, needing to apply patience waiting for the magic to happen, and looking forward to the surprises that delight when untying the bundles. It really is hard to beat nature's ability to create beauty simply. The suttle nature of the prints speaks volumns. It requires a little chemistry, bundling leaves, a slow cooking and time. I am still experimenting myself, and alittle reluctant to commit to the time it may take, but let me know if you're interested in joining in this adventure for a few afternoons.  Two 3 hour sessions   $7 materials 

Eco Print












Collagraph Printing Sample

Collagraph print - student work

Collagraphs: Intro to Mixed Media Printmaking 

Collagraphs incorporate aspects of relief and intaglio printmaking, additive and subtractive methods of working, all in an intriguing mixed media approach to plate-making. Think texture printing; using everyday objects (cardboard, lace, washers, yarn) transformed into textural elements enhancing your unique prints. Take an individualized approach in what can be either objective or non-objective subject matter.      Three 3 hour sessions  $20 materials   Students supply papers for printing.

Collagraph plate in progress

Collagraph plate - student work

Plaster Collagraph Plate

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