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Book Making


The following sub catagories will provide you with types of books (editioned, altered, one-of-a-kind, cloth) as well as the types of book structures or bindings you may learn. Please refer to listings and images for clarification.



Basic Book Structures
in action and finished work. 

Selection of books created by one individual


Selection of book structures completed

Variety of book structures completed

Just a little note:

Many of the classes I personally offer are meant to provide a progression in inter-related book arts opportunities. It is not necessary to take them in any specific order, but understand many are complimentary in nature. Likewise, a good foundational class in tools and working methods will be to your advantage for intermediate or advanced work. By taking a decorative paper workshop, you may utilize your work in a book structure as text pages, end sheets or as a cover. Similarily, by taking papermaking you may use the results in a book or as a substrate for a print, drawing, painting, or with letterpress.   Think of them as part of, or a means to an end, not the end in themselves. (not that many can not stand alone and be appreciated as completed work) It is also for this reason I repeat some foundational workshops more often. Understanding the method to my madness may be helpful when making workshop choices.

Happy camper!