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July 2017

Flowing Abstractions

Flowing Abstractions

Free Flow Abstractions  Jackie Hefty

Some may think of this as child's play, going with the flow, sink art or akin to suminagashi (oriental marbling).  Flowing colors; loose, natural, and/or organic create the foundation for your personal interpretation of using mixed media. Sumi ink, walnut ink, watercolors, acrylic inks and water, what could be more fun. Add a variety of new or familiar textures and techniques to make it your own.  You will be encouraged to explore additional combinations and alterations throughout the workshop. These explorations will provide you with several unique and individual abstract works along with opportunities to selectively cut & paste pieces together. Fri July 7  11 - 4:30  $85/$15 materials     




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Collaged Paper Paintings  Jackie Hefty 

Colorful, textured, and decorative papers are the basis of creating these unique paintings. If you've done a few decorative paper workshops, you most likely have a few 'extra' or less successful pieces of paper you are willing to tear up and repurpose. Here is the opportunity to give them new life in a torn paper collage based on color and values.  Keeping your subject simple, we begin with an underpainting and then apply papers in a mosaic like fashion, employing the values and textures of our papers to create the image or design.  (Examples of decorative techniques or decorated papers that may be considered are: gelatin prints/monoprints, fabric papers, suminagashi, stamping, free flow abstractions, paste papers, backgrounds layered and textured, etc...)   Sat July 8,  11- 4:30    $85/ $15 materials

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non adheasive meandering book

Suminagashi, Bookmaking & Letterpress sample

Off site Offerings 
Non-Adhesive Books  

Wednesday, July 12,  1 - 4:30 p.m. Held at Olbrich Gardens

608- 246-4550





Collagraph Printing Sample

Collagraph print - student work

Collagraphs: Intro to Mixed Media Printmaking 

Collagraphs incorporate aspects of relief and intaglio printmaking, additive and subtractive methods of working, all in an intriguing mixed media approach to plate-making. Think texture printing; using everyday objects (cardboard, lace, washers, yarn) transformed into textural elements enhancing your unique prints. It's a Process - with week one designing the plate(s) (printing surface), creating and building textures.  We will explore both traditional and 'modern' approaches to plate making.  Take an individualized approach in what can be either objective or non-objective subject matter.   Students supply papers for printing, suggestions will be discussed in class.   Fri July 14, 21, 28  1 - 4:30  $185/$20 materials


Collagraph plate in progress

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Collagraph plate - student work












Long Stitch on Leather Spine







Long Stitch, leather spine and fabric covers

Long Stitch Binding

Long Stitch Book Bindings 

An intermediate level book binding that will further develop and challenge your creative book binding skills. Traditional and innovative approaches will be explored. Long Stitch book designs open flat which is an advantage when writing or drawing in them.  Recommend having basic bookmaking and sewing experience. Bring as many items that you already have from the Basic Tool Kit. Paper recommendations are on the supply list.  Sun July 16, 1 - 4:30   $65/$10 materials

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Pastel Interpretations   Kay Brathol-Hostvet

Soft pastel is a very adaptable medium and perfect for learning different painting techniques. We'll do three or four different interpretations from the same reference photo. Each work in your series will be quite unlike the others; you will be using different papers and styles of application, learning which styles and techniques work best for you. A repeatable workshop for beginner to advanced levels; beginners to the soft pastel medium should have reasonably good drawing skills. Sunday, July 23, 10-4 $110/$7 materials 




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