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 October 2019







Whispering Woodlands Autumn Color







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 My sincere appology. The email update sent on Aug 26 still had the old date of October for Pamela Paulsrud's Lifelines listed. My mistake, her program had been rescheduled for Sat./Sun. November 2nd & 3rd. I hope this has not caused any problems for you. 









Suminagashi Samples







Suminagashi - Eastern or Asian Marbling Technique

 A decorative paper technique with uses in bookmaking, collage, scrapbooking, letterpress printing and card making. Subtle use of swirling colored inks on thin Japanese papers. Minimal supplies necessary to continue at home.  

Fri. Oct 4,  1 - 4:30 p.m.   $60/$10 materials 


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Garden Harvest

Student sample

Paper Pulp Play examples











Paper Pulp Play Appropriate for Intergenerational

Wet, Wild, Refreshing and Fun!   Good clean fun with many possibilities. You will be immersed in the paper making process from start to finish. Experience pulp preparation in blenders and sheet formation on simple screens. Discover recycling papers, collage, using cookie cutters and molds, along with a little pulp painting.  And looking to your garden, dried flower petals or pressed flowers can preserve their beauty in your hand made papers.  Recycle, Reuse or Repurpose, join us as we explore the possibilities of this Green art form.   This is appropriate for an adult and child intergenerational experience.  Children must to accompanied by a registered adult.   (Adult, 16 and older Youth, younger than 16)   Sat. October 5, 1 - 4:30 p.m.   Adult  $65/$15 materials    Youth  $50/$15 materials



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Please note: Papermaking workshops are held outdoors, dress appropriately for the afternoon.  









Watermelon Rinds

Fall Harvest

Luscious Fibers

Harvest Papermaking

Colors determined by plant fibers - student work


Fall Harvest Papermaking  Jackie Hefty

Once again we will be looking to our gardens, along with harvesting some unusual varieties of plant materials that can be incorporated in the papermaking process.  While the fibers are cooking you will prepare and recycle paper for pulp to be added to the harvested fibers for sheet formation. (Consider your individual choices for incorporating collage, embedments, pulp painting, and more - the possibilities are endless.) Previous papermaking experience preferred.   Friday/Saturday Oct 11 & 12   1- 4:30 p.m.   $110/$15 materials fee


Assortment of HMP with plant fibers

Fall Harvest Papermaking Supply List



Please note: Papermaking workshops are held outdoors, dress appropriately for the afternoon.  




















Think Like a Master - Degas

Think Like a Master - Matisse

Paint Like a Master - Modigliano

Think Like a Master  Edna Kunkel

In this class, you'll evaluate your choice of a master work and use your style to create a similar piece or portion of the piece in oil pastel, soft pastel, pastel pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, and PanPastels. We'll look at how to use digital and traditional methods to evaluate the master work and render it in loose, fun method that requires no previous art experience or takes your existing experience in a different direction.  Sun. Oct. 13th,  10 a.m. - 4 p.m.   $115/$5 materials


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Woven Accordion Design

non adheasive meandering book

Suminagashi, Bookmaking & Letterpress sample

NON-ADHESIVE BOOK BINDING   off Site Program, Held at Olbrich Gardens

No adhesive, needles, or sewing needed! One sheet of paper can become a book with the correct folding, creasing, and cutting. Explore the possibilities of meandering books, accordion books with folded paper covers, and a pocket accordion. Some supplies provided; a supply list will be provided. 

Youth Ages Accepted: Ages 15 & up

Instructors: Jackie Hefty, Whispering Woodlands 

Sunday, October 20, 1-4 p.m. 

Registration Deadline: October 11 

Cost: $87/$70 member | Course Number: 21-30










Eco Print

Eco Print

Eco Printing 
What better place to be inspired to do Eco Printing than surrounded by nature here at Whispering Woodlands. It is a process I can fully relate to, needing to apply patience waiting for the magic to happen, and looking forward to the surprises that delight when untying the bundles. It really is hard to beat nature's ability to create beauty, simply. The suttle nature of the prints speaks volumns. It requires a little chemistry, bundling leaves, a slow cooking and time.  Some pre workshop preparation will be necessary, see supply list. No experience necessary. Fri & Sat, Oct 25 & 26,  1 - 4:30 p.m.    $110/$15 materials 

Eco Printing Supply LIst

Eco Print












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